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Meet the Assisted Recovery Staff

Lloyd Vacovsky: BS

Lloyd Vacovsky is the Director of Assisted Recovery, which he co-founded in 1996. Lloyd was a social worker at Central Arizona Shelter Services for ten years prior to the creation of Assisted Recovery. He has a BS from Northern Arizona University and is a fourth generation native of Tucson, Arizona. Lloyd also serves as the Executive Director the American Council on Alcoholism.


Vacovsky states: “When we first started ARCA seventeen years ago we believed that naltrexone would soon become the standard for treating alcohol dependence. Naltrexone provides us a tool that is safe, effective and fully approved by the FDA. Despite this, naltrexone and medically assisted treatment (MAT) is still largely ignored by the traditional treatment community. This is despite the overwhelming body of research and experience which confirms the effectiveness of science based treatment.


We are extremely proud of the fact that Assisted Recovery was one of the first, if indeed not the first treatment program to fully embrace the use of medications to assist in the treatment of alcohol and drug dependence. The medications level the “playing field” which then enables an individual to work on the most difficult part of recovery. Simply stated, the most difficult part of recovery is learning how to be happy without the alcohol and or drugs.


Lloyd states that Assisted Recovery is committed to providing state of the art treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, in a safe and caring environment. ARCA also offers full and comprehensive psychological testing and evaluation.


Samuel C. Walker: NMD, PC
Medical Director

Dr. Walker or more affectionately known as “Dr. Sam” to his patients, has been the Medical Director of Assisted Recovery for ten years. He practices family medicine at his clinic, Centro de Salud Familiar, which shares a building with Assisted Recovery. Seeing literally hundreds of ARCA clients, he firmly believes that alcohol dependence is a multi-faceted illness that requires treatment of the psycho/social issues, as well as the physical aspects of the addiction. He does not understand the reluctance of treatment providers in using Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT). Dr. Walker summarizes: Medication isn’t a cure all; however, it does give the patient a fighting chance to succeed in achieving the goal of being alcohol and or drug free”.


Dr. Karnail S. Dhillon, M.D.
Opiate Medical Director


Dr. Dhillon has been practicing medicine for 43 years. Dr. Dhillon graduated from the Gov’t Med Coll, Baba Farid Univ Hlth Sci, Patiala, Punjab, India in 1971. He practices medicine in Glendale, AZ and specializes in Psychiaty in which he is board certified. He is a recognized expert in the treatment of opiate addiction and offers quality and compassionate care for ARCA clients. He is a strong advocate of Medically Assisted Treatment.


Dr. David Maselli, Ph.D
Clinical Director

Dr. Maselli is a well known and highly respected member of the Arizona psychology community. He comes to Assisted Recovery with a wealth of experience in treating individuals who suffer from alcohol and drug dependency issues. He fully embraces Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT), but recognizes that effective therapy is a critical component of the recovery process. David has a strong background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a cornerstone of the ARCA program. David brings to ARCA the diagnostic and treatment expertise which allows ARCA to develop new clinical program services and treatment protocols. ARCA offers full psychological testing and evaluation


Dr. Maselli is fully licensed by the Arizona Board of Psychologist’s Examiners and is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Argosy University. David graduated from California School of Professional Psychology, an APA accredited institution. ARCA is a certified training site for PhD candidates completing their practicum and or internships, with Dr. Maselli overseeing their work.


Diogo Machado: MA
Senior Clinical Therapist

Diogo Machado comes to Assisted Recovery from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he was a Clinical Psychologist, with a private practice and served as Chief of Staff of Adao Pereira State Hospital. Diogo is a recognized expert in the field of addiction, and has worked with alcohol and drug dependent individuals since 1998. He also served as the Director of International Affairs for the Brazilian Association for Alcoholism and Drugs. ARCA Director Lloyd Vacovsky met Diogo at an Association conference where Lloyd was a featured speaker on the effectiveness of medically assisted treatment (MAT). He recruited Diogo to come to the United States and ARCA in 2007. He received is BS from the University of Rio de Janeiro and his MA from Ottowa University.


Diogo and ARCA recognize that one treatment protocol will not work for all people. Further, that an individual should have the choice of the treatment option that they feel will be most effective. Diogo is a strong advocate of providing an effective treatment option utilizing non-12 step protocols. Diogo is an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy as part of the science and evidence based approach to treatment. When provided with meaningful options to facilitate the process, he feels that any individual who wants to achieve change in their lives has every change of being successful.


Brian Bantel: MA:
Clinical Therapist

Brian has worked in the field of addiction and treatment for several years prior to coming to ARCA. He received a BA in Psychology from Ottowa University and an MA in Clinical Psychology. He is currently working on his Psy.D from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology


Jessica Holcomb: MA
Clinical Therapist

Jessica earned her BS in Child Learning and Development and a BA in Psychology from the University of Texas, Dallas. She received her MA in Clinical Psychology from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology. She is working on her PsyD.



Fredric W. Rector: BA
Director Practice Development

Fred joined Assisted Recovery following a career as an Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing executive. As an alumnus of Assisted Recovery he has personal knowledge of the struggle with addiction as well as the relief of successful treatment. He is active in the Episcopal Church as a Lay Eucharistic Minister, usher, Senior Warden, stewardship chairman, and various other activities. He completed the University of the South’s four year Education for Ministry Program in 2005. As a certified visitor for Mended Hearts ( he counsels and supports individuals who are recovering from heart surgery (he had his aortic value replaced in 2009). Other activities include support of Hospice of the Valley, El Hogar in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and a love of travel.


Fred say’s: “I took my first dose of naltrexone at 9:00 PM. By 9:20 I realized I didn’t have a craving to drink. I had no idea I even had a craving. I guess a fish doesn’t know it’s wet. I want everyone who battles with addiction to know the relief I have felt.”


Thomas Kleinschmidt
Office Director

The newest member of our staff, Tom helps keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. He assists client’s with any special requirements, especially our out of town clients.


Intern & Practicum Students

Assisted Recovery is proud to be a training site for PsyD candidates. This year they are Alexandra Moorer and Jenny Hancock. Also joining us is Coleen Nolan who is completing her Masters in Psychology.


Bar B. Douge, K9, P.E.T.

Stress Reduction Specialist


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This web site was created to promote public awareness of pharmacotherapy, and its success in helping alcohol and opiate dependant individuals to achieve and maintain sobriety. By providing information and links to other pharmacotherapy related web sites, it is not our intent to give medical advice. Medications should only be taken when prescribed and monitored by a licensed health care professional.


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