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Naltrexone Alcohol Treatment

What are the side effects of Naltrexone assisted alcoholism treatment?


The Naltrexone alcohol treatment used at ARCA is very benign and has few if any side effects. The most common side effect those in our non 12 step treatment recovery program may experience is a slight tiredness comparable to taking an allergy pill. We provide a non faith-based approach to addiction counseling and rehabilitation services; a true alternative to AA in which substance abuse help takes the form of medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our programs are outpatient in nature and are very economical, and best of all patients see results quickly. Learn more about our best practice treatments and how they can help you.


Those searching for an alternative to AA have a home in which to seek addiction counseling and substance abuse help at Assisted Recovery Centers of America. Ours is a non 12 step recovery program with rehabilitation services built around:


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy treatment
  • Naltrexone (a non-addictive, fully proven medication used to treat alcoholism)
  • Suboxone (a fully proven medication with low abuse potential used to treat opiate dependence)


Our Naltrexone alcohol treatment is non-addictive and virtually side effect free. Begin to understand the root causes of your addiction and learn to start anew with our non 12 step treatment program.


Ours was the first program in the nation to adopt the scientific research on the Naltrexone alcohol treatment, and to offer it to the public as a new non 12 step treatment alternative. Combined with cognitive behavioral therapy its use has resulted in an effective and empowering non 12 step recovery program. AA simply isn’t for everyone, which is why as an alternative to AA Assisted recovery centers of America is in a position to help individuals just like you.


The more you learn about the Naltrexone alcohol treatment, the more you’ll find what a proven, safe and non-additive medication it is. Our non 12 step treatment program addresses the thought processes and bio-chemistry inherent in addiction, giving you the tools you need to overcome.


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This web site was created to promote public awareness of pharmacotherapy, and its success in helping alcohol and opiate dependant individuals to achieve and maintain sobriety. By providing information and links to other pharmacotherapy related web sites, it is not our intent to give medical advice. Medications should only be taken when prescribed and monitored by a licensed health care professional.


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