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Non 12-Step Programs

What is Assisted Recovery Centers of America and how do your non 12 step programs work?

95-97% of available drug treatment and addiction therapy is 12-step, faith based treatment, but at ARCA recovery is based upon a combination of fully approved medications and cognitive behavioral therapy. Assisted Recovery Centers is proud to offer a state-of-the-art option for individuals seeking an alternative to a 12-step approach to recovery.

Our substance abuse counselors are well-schooled in non 12- step recovery programs, and this includes a substance abuse treatment program called the Pennsylvania Model of Recovery. This form of substance abuse rehabilitation is an alternative to 12-step therapy, and uses approved medications (including Naltrexone and Suboxone) and cognitive behavioral therapy for both alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation. This approach to substance abuse counseling has proven to be an empowering form of addiction treatment for our rehabilitation center in that it allows us to address the biological, psychological and social components of treatment for addictions.

At ARCA, substance abuse treatment is all about building your motivation to quit and stay sober. This is reflected in the type of alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation we offer. Our non 12-step recovery programs are a true alternative to 12-step practices and employ the following tools to addiction treatment:

  • Naltrexone (a non-addictive, fully proven medication used to treat alcoholism)
  • Vivitrol (an injectable form of naltrexone effective for 30 days per dose)
  • Suboxone (a fully proven medication with low abuse potential used to treat opiate dependence)
  • Ondansetron (which has been found to reduce anxiety and assist in the reduction of alcohol intake)
  • Campral (regulates amino acids to aid in the maintenance of sobriety
  • Addiction treatment performed by empathetic and experienced substance abuse counseling professionals using cognitive behavioral therapy

The staff at our alcohol and drug rehabilitation center brings a practical and compassionate approach to each case. Each of our clients is treated with respect and as an adult.

The best practice treatment options our substance abuse counselors incorporate into our non 12-step recovery programs are a mixture of medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy treatment. We’re talking about alcohol/drug rehab that is built for the long-run. In our alternative to tradition 12- step programs you can rebuild your life in a profound way.

We believe that substance abuse treatment should allow for the idea that you have the power to change your thought processes. Addiction is not a life sentence. We’ll introduce you to addiction treatment and counseling techniques that both educate and empower you to achieve sustainable recovery and sobriety. To assist you, we have:

  • Secular non 12-step alcohol treatment program
  • Secular non 12-step drug treatment program
  • Over 15 years experience using medications
  • A fully licensed by the state of Arizona
  • An experienced Medical Doctor
  • A Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • A full range of psychological testing and evaluation to best meet your needs
  • Effective one-on-one counseling
  • Outpatient programs that do not disrupt family life, work or school
  • Programs structured to meet client needs
  • Effective programs for both local and out-of-area clients
  • Affordable fee structure

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This web site was created to promote public awareness of pharmacotherapy, and its success in helping alcohol and opiate dependant individuals to achieve and maintain sobriety. By providing information and links to other pharmacotherapy related web sites, it is not our intent to give medical advice. Medications should only be taken when prescribed and monitored by a licensed health care professional.


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