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What are the specific anti-opiate medications utilized at Assisted Recovery Centers of America?


Opiates and opiate addiction (which covers both heroin addiction and narcotic painkiller addiction) are issues we can help you address, and a large part of the treatment we provide for opiod addiction centers around the medication Suboxone along with Ondansetron. Substance abuse counseling, and specifically cognitive behavioral therapy, plays a significant role in alcohol rehab and drug rehabilitation here as well. If a person has already detoxed from opiates, then Naltexone or preferably Vivitrol (r) is used, again along with Ondansetron. Assisted Recovery Centers is not anti AA in any way. Rather it is yet another powerful option for those on the road to recovery.


Let Assisted Recovery Centers of America be your resource for opiate addiction help and more. Our non 12-step treatment programs include:


  • Alcohol rehabilitation
  • Drug rehabilitation for prescription painkiller/opiod addiction
  • Substance abuse counseling that incorporates the medications Naltrexone and Suboxone
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy


We can help you come to grips with heroin addiction and/or painkiller addiction along with other behavioral health issues. We invite you to learn more about our unique and effective approach to recovery, and to embrace all of the wonderful tools at your disposal at Assisted Recovery Centers of America.


We believe that an opiate addiction recovery program should address the core issues of addiction, and at Assisted Recovery Centers of America the combination of medication and substance abuse counseling addresses both the biological and psychological components of heroin/painkiller addiction. Opiates and opiod addiction needn’t rule your life another moment longer.


Opiates and opiate addiction can be difficult to overcome, but you have the power to do so. Our outpatient program has been studied and deemed a safe and effective treatment for opiod addiction. If you or someone you love is in the throes of pain pill or heroin addiction, we invite you to seek help at Assisted Recovery Centers of America.


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  • Assisted Recovery now affiliated with Insynergy St Louis
  • Assisted Recovery is now a designated Vivitrol injection facility. Call for details


This web site was created to promote public awareness of pharmacotherapy, and its success in helping alcohol and opiate dependant individuals to achieve and maintain sobriety. By providing information and links to other pharmacotherapy related web sites, it is not our intent to give medical advice. Medications should only be taken when prescribed and monitored by a licensed health care professional.


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